Your Oral Health

Why is oral health & hygiene so important? You may take excellent care of your teeth at home with daily brushing and flossing. Yet regular oral hygiene visits are vital for keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, preventing potentially serious problems. We can help you learn how to keep your smile looking its best!

What happens during oral hygiene visits?

Depending upon your unique situation and dental health, your visit may include any combination of the fallowing diagnostic, preventive or educational services:

Diagnostic services:

  • cavity detecting x-rays
  • assess your periodontal(gum) tissue
  • evaluate existing dental restorations for proper fit, function and aesthetics
  • check your bite, chewing and swallowing patterns
  • review and update your medical history
  • Oral cancer screening
  • identify any cause of bad breath and
  • identify any risk factors for chronic disease: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc.

Preventive Services:

  • clean and scale teeth to remove all plaque and calculus(tarter)
  • remove surface stain from your teeth
  • apply pit and fissure sealant to help prevent decay
  • fluoride application(if necessary)
  • apply desensitizer(if necessary)
  • Biofilm removal (latest technology) and
  • polish teeth

Educational Services:

In general, it is recommended that children begin receiving oral hygiene services when their first teeth are erupting. By beginning exams at an early age, we have time to create positive experiences for your young child and to set the stage for a lifetime of quality dental care.

Feel free to call us to book your intital assessment and also visit the  Canadian Dental Association website for the more current news and information.