Dental Implants

Dental implants are accepted by dental professional for over 40 years, as a successful and trusted method of tooth replacement used today. They act like your natural tooth, you do not feel a difference. They are made of biocompatible materials and as a result are accepted by your body. Dental implants osseointegrate into your jaw bone and can last a life time with proper oral home care and regular dental cleanings. They maintain natural bone, and minimize further bone loss due to bone stimulation – one of their most important advantages.

Dental implant treatment consists of 3 phases:

  1. The first phase of treatment is the placement of the implant (the root shaped, titanium screw that is commonly referred to as the ‘implant’) by the surgical specialist. We only trust our local highly educated oral surgeons for this step. Implant placement is key to a successful long term outcome.
  2. The second phase of the implant treatment is performed after the appropriate healing time. Bone heals slowly. A period of approximately 3-6 months is required for the process of osseointegration to be complete.The second phase of treatment consists of screwing a small abutment to the implant and a digital impression is taken to fabricate the final restorative phase.
  3. The third and final phase of treatment consists of the restorative phase. In this phase the new replacement teeth are fabricated and placed on the implants and abutments.

Dr. Bunt has restored many dental implants over his 25 year career and they are absolutely the best option for replacing missing teeth. Whether or not you are a candidate for implants depends on your existing bone structure and how much space is available. At Whites Road Dental Care, we pride ourselves in taking the time to discuss all your options to enable you to make a well informed decision for your oral health. We will co-ordinate any referrals to specialists if necessary and send a predetermination to your insurance on your behalf. If you’re interested in replacing missing teeth, let’s discuss it at your next visit, or give us a call to schedule!