Natural Look Dentures

There are many subtle characteristics involved in recreating a natural look smile with dentures. Nature intended teeth to look and fee a certain way. Study someone’s teeth closely and you will see that they are not precisely aligned with each other. They have different shapes and varying lengths. Depending on the person, you will see more or less of their gums as they smile. Overlooking any of these factors can make the difference between a natural-looking denture that compliments the wearer and one that is conspicuously artificial.

All dentures don’t have to look alike. Now, with the natural dentures created by Dr Bunt, it is possible to have a new smile that looks naturally healthy and attractive.



With dentures, the better the result(that is, the more life-like they appear), the less they will be noticed by people around you. Dr Bunt has over 20 years of providing natural looking partial and complete denture for patients in the Trenton and surrounding areas. Not only do these dentures appear as if they were your own teeth they fit and feel beautifully!

Dr Bunt takes the time to listen to your requests and design a natural looking and feeling denture. You will get to try out your new dentures before it is finalized to ensure the fit is perfect and you are 100% happy with the final result. Your dentures are created using a special process that ensures a comfortable fit and proper function – right away!



When you choose Dr Bunt for your denture treatment, you will receive a denture that will enhance your appearance. You will be able to smile again with confidence. Give yourself a new look that will keep you smiling for years, call us today for your consultation with Dr Bunt, 613-392-4757. We look forward to hearing from you!